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'It's so liberating':

Couple bare all about coping in lockdown

It's 2C outside and John nips into his garden in the Lincolnshire countryside to cool off after doing some chores indoors.

With a log burner keeping the temperature toasty in his home, you might think there is nothing unusual about this - until you learn he is naked.

"Our home is really warm, so we don't feel the cold," said John, feeling refreshed and planning another trip outside to take out the bins.

"It makes you tingle all over your body and is really invigorating.".

John Price and his wife, Donna, are two of the county's growing number of naturists, who prefer to bare all while most of us are layering up against the elements.

However, with a rise in people suffering with mental health and body confidence issues, they believe more of us should try it.

"Being naked is liberating, you feel free - and that is something people are struggling with at the moment," explained Donna, 55.

The couple were first introduced to naturism 10 years ago when they visited a naked beach in New Zealand.

This article was published in the Skegness Standard

Wednesday, 20th January 2021

You can read the full story here

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