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Core Values and Beliefs




Hauraki Naturally is committed to educating the community in the area of clothing-optional core values.


We are inclusive and respectful of all ethnic groups.


We seek to uphold and strengthen wholesome family values and relationships.


We support the way life normally is, rather than artificially posed, air brushed, or staged for drawing attention to the self.


Hauraki Naturally supports the right to live life naked, while not appealing to deviant sexual impulses.


We defend the right of all persons to be clothes free, shame free, and accepting of their body as it was created, and of parents to raise their children with those values, seeking a healthy balance of self esteem and respect for the wider society.


We seek to mutually build up the self esteem of all our members and those of similar groups, with courtesy and respect in all conversations.




“We believe that being without clothing is an enjoyable, natural and moral state, which brings benefits to ourselves, and to society at large.


Decency and shame


The human body in all its diversity is an object of intrinsic beauty of which the owner should be proud.


Simple nudity is not indecent, shameful, or immoral.




Bringing up children to respect their own and others‘ bodies,

improves their well-being and fosters more responsible sexual

behaviour as they grow up.


Children have a right to know what humans really look like.


Social division and respect


Spending time naked with others engenders self-respect and respect for others, regardless of shape, age, gender, size, colour, or disability.


People should be accepted for who they are and not for what they wear.


Communal nudity discourages social barriers but clothing accentuates social differences.




Clothing can provide needed protection but often it is unnecessary and it can be harmful.


The naked human body transcends fashion.


In a tolerant society, what to wear is a matter of personal choice.


Governments should promote tolerance and not impose unnecessary restrictions on freedom.


Environment, nature, and quality of life


Freedom from clothing encourages respect for, and harmony with, the environment


Time spent naked can add to the quality of life through the enjoyment of simplicity.


Less dependency on clothes will reduce the impact on the environment.

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