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Information Brochures - series 1

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A set of eleven brochures containing essential information and advice on clothes-free living in New Zealand

Topics covered:

100  "Get Naked"  An introduction to being naked in the great outdoors.

101  "The Law"  Understanding your legal rights to be naked in public.

102  "Think of the Children"  A discussion on children and nudity.

103  "Poisoning the Planet"  Clothing and its environmental impact.

104  "Religion"  Reconciling nakedness and Biblical teaching.

105  "Science"  Empirical evidence on the benefits of nudity.

106  "To Club or Not to Club?"  Ways to connect with others.

107  "Naked in Nature"  Reconnecting with our natural world

108  "Dropping the Bombshell"  How to tell friends and family your secret!

109  "The question of Porn"  The antithesis of body-positivity and respect.

110  "Police Guidance"  How police should deal with complaints of nudity.

This series of information leaflets explain the basics of clothes-free living as it relates to a number of the most commonly asked questions that your friends, family members, work colleagues and other acquaintances are likely to confront you with.  Carry them with you for when the moment arises, or leave them on the coffee table to be "noticed" by inquisitive visitors!

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