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Would you like to have some top quality photos of your naturist life?

Almost everyone has a smartphone or camera capable of quality images, but it's often so time-consuming and a real headache to set your camera up and take great nude photos of yourself with fabulous backdrops and with good framing and composure.


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We are more than happy to spend a day with you, or a few hours - whatever you need - to take some fabulous, high resolution images of you in your choice of a wide range of situations that portray your naturist lifestyle.  We can take you to some great local spots such as beaches, forests, wide scenics, farm life, etc

Are you unsure or feeling insecure about your nude photo shoot?  That's quite a normal reaction for some people. but don't worry! You will find us very easy to get along with and will provide a most relaxed atmosphere for you.  And we have the experience and know-how to portray you in just the right light and positions to produce stunning photography that makes everyone look great, including you!  Any questions?  Just hit the contact button above, or email us:


LOCATION:  Currently we can only offer this service to people within a reasonable driving distance of our home base, here on the Hauraki Plains, or to those who may be passing through this way.  We are, however, looking for amateur photographers with good camera equipment in other regions of New Zealand to enable us to extend this service.



The best news of all?  We DON'T CHARGE FOR OUR TIME!  That's right.  We see this as an opportunity to further promote the naturist lifestyle, meet new friends, and have an enjoyable time ourselves!  All we ask is that you help to cover any extra costs such as travel and any other expenses that we will discuss and agree on before the day.  There may be some cost in getting the files to you - read on . . .


Your privacy is of utmost importance to us - and you!  You have full control over the use of your images.


You may choose whether or not to have them included in our "Members Only" gallery and you may upload them to your own member profile if you wish. However we will not display them in any area of this website that is accessible to the general public without your express written permission.

After your photo session we will send low-res copies to you by encrypted email.  You don't need any special software to decrypt at your end.  Let us know what images you want in the original high resolution and we'll transfer them to a flash drive which you can either collect in person or we can send to you by tracked postage.  You would need to cover these costs.

The originals will be held by us on secure storage completely disconnected from the internet to protect from any possible hacking.



Once you have your photos in your possession, it's totally up to you what happens to them.  You must agree to indemnify us against any loss, damages, legal proceedings, or other costs arising from misuse or other unauthorised use of your images.


We reserve the right to add to or amend these details as the need arises


Please fill in the form at right to set up a time and place.  We will text you to confirm your preferred time and date is available.

If you have any more questions, then please don't hesitate to use the CONTACT tab in the Menu Bar, or email us at:

We look forward to meeting you!

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Book a Time

Thanks for your booking. We'll be in touch soon!

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