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Kopu-Hikuai Swimming Hole

How to get there

This fabulous swimming hole is on the Tairua River near the bridge that crosses it on the Kopu-Hikuai Road. The bridge is 21.3 Km from the start of SH25A, at the Kopu end, and 7.0 Km from the intersection with SH25 (Tairua Road) just south of Hikuai.

Access to the river is a narrow vehicle track through the bush, just after the bridge, on the right, coming from Kopu, or just before the bridge, on the left, coming from Hikuai.

The track is navigable by any car in dry weather, but only by 4WD if it's wet and boggy. There is parking for only 5 or 6 vehicles at the end of the track, but a 4WD can go down onto the pebbled river bed and park there. The swimming area is just upstream, away from the bridge.


None. You'll need to take everything you need.

Best time to visit

Any time.


If you visit then tell us, in the comments box below, about what you found was good and what was bad.

Kopu-Hikuai Swimming Hole
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