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How to Join Us and Stay Connected


Membership to Hauraki Naturally is open to anyone, including those who are interested in trying out naturism and who wish to learn more about this way of life and its characteristics.  We accept people in New Zealand and overseas and we have no age restriction, provided that your use of the website does not violate your country's laws.


​Much of the Hauraki Naturally website is open to the general public where people have access to a wealth of information about the Naturist Philosophy.  There is also a MEDIA page with advice for journalists when writing about the subject.  You don't have to register to access these open areas.


Being a Registered Member gives you access to some of the Members Area pages, including the Events Calendar, and the popular Naturist World pages, which contain articles, news reports, activity reports and so much more!  You also have the opportunity to go one stage further and complete your profile to become a Community Member.


It's easy to join the community - you just need to have a completed profile of your own to demonstrate your bona-fide interest in Naturism and willingness to take part.  With a completed profile, you have access to the whole website, including the main photo gallery, other member profiles, and the Forums, where you can keep in touch and share your thoughts.

Your profile needs to include at least one photo that clearly shows your face and one that shows you naked in a naturist setting.  If you don't have a suitable naturist photo, we may be able to organise that for you.

Your profile also should give some basic info about yourself - for example: approximate age bracket, nearest town or city, a brief description of your interest in naturism, etc.   The more you can say about yourself, the more likely you'll be able to make some great naturist friends here.  You can see a sample profile HERE.  More information on how to set up your profile is shown on our HELP page.

To protect your privacy, your profile and photos are ONLY VISIBLE to other bona-fide members who have completed their profiles.  Nobody else has access to them.  If you have any difficulty with setting up your profile, please CONTACT us.

We'd encourage you to make full use of the site, get to know other members, use the forums to share your experiences and thoughts about naturism, ask questions, and generally immerse yourself in the lifestyle.  You can even add more info and photos to your profile or submit them for the main photo gallery.  And, of course, if you live in or near the Hauraki Plains, or a reasonable distance away, you'll have the chance to join in any of our naturist activities.

REMEMBER!  THIS IS NOT A SEX SITE!  If you post any content of a sexual nature, or use the chat or forums to set up sexual liaisons, your membership will be terminated.  There are other websites out there for those purposes.  Please read and familiarise yourself with the links in the footer of this page - especially Core Values and Member Code of Conduct.  The other links have useful information as well.

WE'RE HERE TO HELP!  We want to help you enjoy your time with us.  Please EMAIL us or call us on 07 211 9106 (evenings only) if you are having problems with your membership or have any other questions or concerns. 

We look forward to getting to know you!

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