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Kate Uwins


The Wild Podcast

Kate Uwins (a.k.a. Naked Kate) is a skinny dipping enthusiast and a body positivity advocate who's working on New Zealand's first guidebook for skinny dipping, called Newd Zealand.

To most people, skinny dipping is simply swimming in the nude. But in this episode, Kate shares her personal story of how skinny dipping has given her more confidence and helped her to feel comfortable in her own skin. Through this deeper connection with the environment, Kate says nature has taught her that there is great beauty in imperfection, helping her to break free from the expectations and limits placed on her - and all of us - by society.

We also talk about why New Zealand is such a great place for skinny dipping, given the wealth of stunning, secluded swimming spots, and her recent challenge of skinny dipping for 30 days straight in the Queenstown Lakes area in the middle of winter (Wim Hof style!).

It was a fascinating conversation that really opened our eyes to the stigma around the human body and, if youve never tried skinny dipping or being naked in the great outdoors, we're sure Kate will get you thinking about stripping your kit off the next time you take a dip in nature.

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