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Waikawau Bay


How to get there

This is a long way from anywhere, but it is worth the effort.

Travel 3 Km north from Colville and turn right onto Port Charles Road. Take care because the road is narrow and winding. After 6 Km turn right into Waikawau Beach Road. Another 6 Km will take you past the DoC campground, Waikawau Bay Conservation Campsite. Immediately after the campground is a road which leads to a carpark and beach access. Park and then walk to the beach. You will need to cross the lagoon. The first 450 meters of the beach is in front of the campground and is quite popular.

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DoC Campground for overnight and extended stays. There is a public toilet at the carpark. There is no drinking water. At peak times there is a store in the campground. No cellphone coverage.

There are 2 Km of beach to walk and you can do so naked. Take care crossing the river at the northern end. There is a pa site at the northern end of the beach which is worth a look. There is also a walk, the Matamataharakeke Track, which is accessible by crossing the road from the carpark. You can walk this naked.

Best time to visit

Any time.


If you visit this place, then send us an email:, with your thoughts about what was good and what was bad, and we'll add your comments below.

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