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St Leonards Bay


How to get there

From Lake Road in Takapuna, drive towards Devonport.
Turn left into St Leonards Road. Takapuna Grammer School is located on the corner.
Bus stops are located at the intersection of Lake Rd / St Leonards Bay Rd.
Parking can be at a premium. It is limited to 2 hours and is patrolled by parking wardens.

Walk towards the end of the cul de sac, and you will find a concrete pathway and concrete steps leading down to the beach. At the bottom, choose to walk to the right (South) or to the left (North) and walk around the rock point. Either way, it is enjoyable. If the tide is coming in you can be stranded if you choose the left option. Take care.

The beach is recognised by the Council as being utilised for and by naturists and dog walkers (although some local residents still have a different view!). Sadly, the beach has gained an unsavoury reputation for lewd behaviour over the years.

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No facilities at the beach or on St Leonards Road.
Go prepared - take everything you need, and take it all home again too.

Best time to visit

Read the tide times.
At high tide there is no access to the beach, although swimming is still possible immediately where the path meets the sand.
Approximately 1 hour after high tide, good access is available to the right / South.
Access to the left / North becomes available at about 2 hours after high tide.
There are no waves - excellent swimming all round, especially good for families.


If you visit this place, then send us an email:, with your thoughts about what was good and what was bad, and we'll add your comments below.

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