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Otara Bay


How to get there

Travel 4.3 km north from Tairua shops on SH25. Near the top of the hill turn right into Sailors Grave Road. Be careful in the traffic and make sure to signal your turn early. Drive to the end of Sailors Grave Road and park around the outside of the circle.

Walk over the bridge and around the end of the barrier on the right hand side of the road. Follow the track to the beach and past the grave. You will then see a track which will take you over to Otara Bay. The walk takes about 20 mins.

Most nudists move just away from the track. At busy times nudists turn left and use the far end of the beach.

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None. So, make sure you take everything you need.

Best time to visit

Anytime. You can swim at all tides. Surf is generally good for body surfing but, depending on how keen you are, maybe not worth lugging your board over the hill.


If you visit this place, then send us an email:, with your thoughts about what was good and what was bad, and we'll add your comments below.

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