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How to get there

From SH25 turn into Opoutere Road. Drive right through the settlement along the estuary until you come to a left-hand bend where Opoutere Road becomes Ohui Road. Turn sharp right onto a loose metal track. At the end of the track is a carpark.

Walk over the bridge and through the pines to the beach. Most naturists choose a spot a little to the north. There are 4 kilometers of beach where you can walk, swim, surfcast, play cricket or throw a frisbee. Clothed people tend to use the southern, 1 kilometer section of the beach.

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Opoutere Coastal Camping, next to the DoC reserve, provides cabins and campsites for overnight stays.
There is a toilet block at the road intersection.
There is a store in the campground but nothing else, so go prepared. Take insect repellent as this beach is known for its biting insects at certain times.

Best time to visit

Anytime is good. This is a beach where nudity is generally acceptable, and you will often find naturists and non-naturists alike walking the length of the beach and passing each other with no issues.

There is a more comprehensive description of Opoutere on our Naturist World Page, under the Member's Area.


If you visit this place, then send us an email:, with your thoughts about what was good and what was bad, and we'll add your comments below.

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