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About Us


There is nothing particularly different about the kinds of things that we do in everyday life from those things that anyone else does.


We eat, we sleep, we work and we play.  We do chores around the home and spend time in the garden.  We play sports.  We enjoy summer activities at the beach.  We go on hikes and cycle rides.  And, of course, we do these things either socially with our family and friends, or by ourselves.

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The only difference between us and everyone else is that we prefer to live life without clothing whenever possible or convenient.

We see clothing as having little purpose other than for protection from the elements, along with other specific uses and reasons,  But we also see that false modesty and body shame that forces society to needlessly cover up with clothing is blatantly destructive.

Hauraki Naturally is unlike most Naturist or Sun Clubs in New Zealand.  It does not have its own land or buildings or private facilities.  Our "club grounds" are the great New Zealand outdoors!  Most of our activities take place in locations generally accessible by anyone.  Occasionally we might call in on each other to share a coffee and catch up at home.


We are not affiliated with the New Zealand Naturist Federation or any "landed" club.  While those clubs offer great facilities and a secure environment, Hauraki Naturally exists for those who, for

Building beach art

various reasons, can't access those clubs or don't relate to the club scene.  Some of us don't even relate to the "Naturist" or "Nudist" label, simply regarding being naked as just another unremarkable clothing style.

For example:

Hauraki Naturally is free to join.  We have no membership fees, so we are very affordable.

Hauraki Naturally is internet-based and we have members all over New Zealand.  Therefore we are not far away!  We provide a facility to allow members to organise their own social events with others in their own location.

Hauraki Naturally is open to everyone.  Apart from misconduct or inappropriate behaviour, we do not refuse membership on any discriminatory grounds.

Hauraki Naturally is not fixated on "gender balance".  We do not refuse membership to single males.

Hauraki Naturally exists for all kinds of Naturists - social types, solo types, "At Home" naturists, - however and whenever you enjoy a clothes-free life, we're here for you!

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Cycling up the beach

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for the whole family!

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Enjoy the tranquility of nature!

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So many places to explore!

The game is on!

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