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Bowentown / Waihi Beach


How to get there

Turn off SH2 into Athenree Road

Drive down to Waihi Beach and, at the round-a-bout, turn right into Seaforth Road and head towards Bowentown.

Most naturists use Beach Access 34. Park in the third car park on the left and take the track to the beach. Most people move just a little way up or down the beach so that textiles who may visit are not too surprised.

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There are no facilities here. So, go prepared.

The shop at the round-a-bout is the nearest for drinks and ice creams.

Best time to visit

This beach is almost never crowded and almost never deserted.

Waihi Beach is a popular holiday destination. There will be more people around during the period Christmas to New Year. Outside of this peak period, nude bathers seem to be well tolerated by beach walkers.

There is often a small surf which makes an enjoyable swim. A significant storm in June 2021 reprofiled the beach and, as a result, there is not much dry sand at the foot of the dunes. It is expected that during summer the profile of the beach will be restored.


If you visit this place, then send us an email:, with your thoughts about what was good and what was bad, and we'll add your comments below.

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