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Ride as bare . . .

. . . as you DARE !!

Waihi Beach

10:30 a.m., Saturday 19th November, 2022

Keep scrolling down to learn all about this fun community event!

The World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) is an international light-hearted protest event that takes place in more than 80 cities in 20 countries.  It has been successfully held in the South Island for several years and now we are planning a North Island event.


The ride will take place at Waihi Beach, starting at Bowentown and cycling the length of Seaforth Road, looping around Wilson Road, through the shopping area, Citrus Ave and Snell Crescent, and returning along Seaforth back to Bowentown.  Total distance is 11 Kilometers.  The ride is almost completely flat and will take around 45 - 55 minutes.

The date has been set for Saturday, 19 November, 2022, meeting at the Bowentown Park, Northern Carpark  at 10:30 a.m.


You do NOT have to be totally naked to take part in this ride!


While this is the World Naked Bike Ride, it is a CLOTHING OPTIONAL event.

The catch-phrase is "Ride as Bare as you Dare!"

This means that you can wear as little as what you're comfortable with.  Of course you can wear nothing but body-paint if you wish, and some people will, but if that is beyond your comfort zone then then we'd still love you to take part by wearing as little as you can cope with.

The return leg back to Bowentown will take the coastal route (shown in green).  After turning right from Snell Crescent onto Seaforth, we pedal about 140 meters and turn left into The Loop.  This comes back towards Seaforth Road briefly to cross a small bridge across a drain, and then left again through Island View reserve into Broadway Road.

We continue to the end of Broadway Road and into Albacore Ave, then left onto Seaforth Road and back to the Starting point at Bowentown Park.


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The Route

Assembly and departure point is at the  Bowentown Park, Northern Carpark, Seaforth Road, approx 200 meters North of the intersection with Pio Road.

Bowentown start.finish.jpg

Shown on the map in purple, the ride will proceed from the car park, along Seaforth Road northwards to Wahi Beach township


We ride to the northern end of Seaforth, veering left onto Wilson Road and through the shopping precinct.  Turn left into Citrus Ave, and stop to regroup (if necessary) at Wilson Park.  The return route is now shown in green.


Proceeding along Citrus Ave. we then turn left into Otto Road and right into Snell Crescent, which brings us back out onto Seaforth.

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Map 3.jpg
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Who Can Participate?

The World Naked Bike Ride - Waihi is open to anyone who can competently and safely ride a bicycle, e-bike or tricycle on the road for a distance of 12 Kilometers.

There is no need to register as a rider prior to the day, just turn up.  HOWEVER, It would really help us anticipate numbers attending if you'd like to fill out the form below.  It also means we can keep you informed of any changes.

Children who are too young to ride their own machine may be carried in an approved cycle trailer or child seat.


By participating in this ride, you are deemed to have read, understood, and agree to abide by the rules

as set out in the following section:

Let us know!

Thanks for telling us!  See you there!

The Rules


By participating in the World Naked Bike Ride - Waihi Beach, you agree to observe and abide by the following:


1. You must behave appropriately.


This is a "World Naked Bike Ride" and clothing is optional (except for the mandatory cycle helmet).  You should also wear shoes for safety and comfort.

Simply being naked in public is not illegal in New Zealand and you should not be arrested simply for being nude on this protest.   However, your behaviour must be scrupulous and you must be careful not to do anything that can be taken as a lewd or sexual act, nor must you deliberately antagonise anyone or cause an obstruction.  There are three statutes you should be aware of:

1. Summary Offences Act 1981: Section 27:  Indecent exposure.  You can be charged under this law if you expose yourself in an obscene manner.  Simply being naked does not satisfy this charge.

2. Summary Offences Act 1981: Section 4:  Offensive behaviour or language.  You can be charged under this law if act in an offensive manner towards anyone, or use offensive language.  The Courts have determined that the legal definition of "offensive" was not met by mere nakedness, even in the presence of school children.  But be particularly careful not to retaliate if some spectator shouts abuse as you ride past.

3. Crimes Act, 1961: Section 125:  Indecent act in public place.  You can be charged under this law if you do an indecent act.  Generally speaking, this would be of a sexual nature.  Again, merely being naked is not an act and would not satisfy this charge.


Details of the ride are registered with the police in advance and they will present for the event.  Don’t act offensively and you will not be arrested.  Hauraki Naturally and WNBRNZ have a zero tolerance of overtly sexual or obscene behaviour. We will have no hesitation reporting such behaviour to the police.

2. Children

This is a family event and is open to people of all ages.  Children old enough to be proficient riders may ride their own bikes.  Younger children may be carried in approved child seats or bicycle trailers.

Claims that nudity is harmful to children are simply without foundation.  In fact, evidence suggests that nudity is beneficial for children as it normalizes the human body, removes the false connections with sex, and promotes a positive self-image.

What you allow your child to wear or not to wear on the ride is your decision.  However, bear in mind that there will be bystanders with cameras along the route and we have no control over what people do with their photos.  You might decide it better for your child to wear a fun costume for the ride.

Some common-sense advice:

  • The parent or guardian should accompany the child at all times.

  • The health and safety of a child must be a priority for the parent or guardian.

  • Bicycles should have proper safe seating and be ridden in a safe manner.

  • Children with their own bicycles need to be sufficiently proficient for the streets of Waihi Beach.

3. Covid-19

This is an ever-changing situation.  We believe that the Covid-19 situation is now under control and we don't expect any restrictions in November.


However, if you are unwell with cold or flu-like symptoms, you should not attend this event.

4. Your vehicle

You may ride a bicycle, trike, or e-bike.

This is a naked bike ride.  It is NOT for skateboards, roller blades, or scooters,  Nor is it a running or jogging event 

5. You must obey the road rules.

The Land Transport Act 1998 defines vehicles to include bikes, and says ‘A person may not drive a vehicle, or cause a vehicle to be driven, carelessly or without reasonable consideration for other persons’.

You must:

• obey give way rules, road signs and markings,
• use hand signals,
• keep left when it is safe, but leave plenty of room when passing parked cars,
• ride with no more than two riders side-by-side,
• not ride while distracted or impaired - no cell phones, or loud music through earphones!
• not ride on footpaths (exceptions apply - e.g. through the park where the path is designated for both cyclists and pedestrians).


You and any children accompanying you must be proficient cyclists.   Ride defensively.  There will be a vehicle at the rear of the group warning motorists of cyclists ahead, but it is your responsibility to be aware of hazards and to look after your safety, especially that of any children with you.  Neither WNBRNZ nor Hauraki Naturally will be held responsible for any cycling mishaps! 

You must wear a bike helmet:

Your helmet must be a cycling helmet and it must fit properly and be secured.
Any child you are carrying in a designed child seat or cycle trailer must also wear a helmet.

A bike helmet will only protect your head once.  If it is dropped or involved in a crash it should be replaced.

Your bike must be roadworthy:

Your bike must have good front and rear brakes.
Check wheel bearings:  Grip the top of each wheel and check for side-to-side movement.  Tighten or replace bearings if play is detected.
Check crank and pedal bearings; check crank arms are secure to the crankshaft.
Check steering bearings:  Stand by your bike and pull upwards on the handlebars to check for play in the steering post.  Tighten or replace bearings as required.
Make sure your tyres in good condition with plenty of tread, and are properly pumped up before the ride.


Flags and placards you use for this protest ride must be attached securely and not cause a potential hazard.

If your bike gets a puncture or other breakdown, advise the driver of the tail vehicle and they will get you assistance.


6. Placards, banners and body-paint messages

The ride is a light-hearted protest with a number of linked themes.  Its objectives are to:

  • protest against the global dependency on oil

  • curb car culture

  • obtain real rights for cyclists

  • demonstrate the vulnerability of cyclists on city streets

  • celebrate body freedom

The messages you write on your placards, banners and on your body should be in connection with one of those objectives.  You must not write anything rude or offensive or use profane or offensive language.  Some suggestions of appropriate messages are in the next section below . . .

The Message

The World Naked Bike Ride started life with a single message: "Get out of your cars and stop burning fuel."

Today that message has been broadened to recognise the entire global warming problem and the additional themes of cyclists' rights and body-positivity . . . 

1.  Protest against the global dependency on oil

2.  Curb car culture

3.  Obtain real rights for cyclists

4  demonstrate the vulnerability of cyclists on city streets and the country's highways

5.  Celebrate body freedom

How to carry your message

Before you come to the event, decide on how you will get your message across.

You can make a flag, a banner, a placard, or wear it on your body with body-paint.

Whatever you decide, you MUST make sure you can carry it on your bike safely!

It should be firmly attached to your bike, and not interfere with your ability to ride safely.

Here are some suggestions.  You might think of others.  The best slogans are short, sharp and to the point!

slogan 3.jpg
slogan 4.jpg


Ban Cars: Not Bodies!
Riding bare for clean air
Burn fat not oil!

Against Oil Dependency

Protest oil dependency
Oil is not a bare necessity but a crude obsession
Less crude, more nude
Less oil = More life
Sweat not oil
Our nude bodies are dependent on food, not foreign oil
This naked body burns calories, not oil
Infinite miles per gallon!
No Gulf drilling for this naked body
Slicks kill - stay alive!
Burn bras not oil
Oil? Ban it -- save the planet


Prudery won't save the planet -- bikes can!
Honk if you love bikes! Honk twice if you love naked cyclists!
Your butt looks better on a bike!
Bicycles make cleaner traffic jams!
Don't pollute this naked body with your SUV
My SUV habit costs so much I can't afford clothes
Gas prices increasing? I didn't even notice!
This is what a car-free society looks like
Human operated - Heart inside
Powered by people, not petrol
Curb car culture
Live car-free!
Real rights for bikes
No fumes here!
One less car
Honk For Silence
Stop indecent exposure to vehicle emissions
Get off your ass! Ride a bike! (thanks to Urban Velo!)
We are traffic
Pedal Power!
Two wheels good (but tricycles welcome!)
Bike for health and clean air
Bicycling is truly organic!
Car-free = Carefree
Make Bike, not Car
Occupy Your Bike.

slogan 5.jpg
slogan 1.jpg

Cycle safety

Now can you bl**dy see me?!
Can you see me now, driver?
Leave space!
Warning: HPV ahead [Human Powered Vehicle]
Actually, we're just as vulnerable biking with clothes on.
Share the Road!
Stop roadkill now!
You dent, I die.
Stop Killing Cyclists
(on a body) SOMEBODY'S KID or WIFE or SON or BEST FRIEND or MUM or DAD
Trucks: Stay back.
Kill Your Speed Not a Child
Birthday suits not body bags

War and peace related

No more blood, no more oil, no more wars on foreign soil!
No blood for oil!
Food Not Bombs for this naked body
No concealed WMDs on this nude body
Nobody died to fuel this bike!
Keep your Storm Troopers away from my naked body!
Crude oil addiction: How many lives per barrel?
No war, no hunger for a full tank!
This naked body doesn't kill for oil

slogan 6.jpg

The Programme

10:30 - 10:50

11:20 - 11:30

11:30 - 12:30

12:35 - 12:45

12:45 onwards

Preparation time.  Body painting, preparing bikes, flags and banners.


Pre-ride briefing, clarification of the rules and expected behaviour, wet weather contingency plan.


The ride


De-briefing, announcements.

Lunch, Swim and Social time on Bowentown Beach (togs optional)

To make a weekend of it, we are hosting a

 NAKED FOREST WALK the following day - Sunday - at a forest park just 15 minutes from Waihi Beach

This will be an All-day event.  Details will be announced after the Saturday ride.


What to Bring

Things to remember:


1.  Your bike (obviously!)
2.  Placards, banners, flags.  And ways to securely attach them to your bike.

3.  Sunblock!
4.  Body / face paints, costumes  And your imagination!



The event will take place whatever the weather – please come prepared for rain, cold or blazing heat!

November19 is late spring and the weather generally is quite warm and sunny, so don’t forget the sunblock.  Put sunblock on first, then body paint over the top.


The ride will not be cancelled in the event of rain, but it just might be shortened.  If so, we will announce this on the day, during the prep time before the ride starts.

Skin is more waterproof than clothing, but bring warm dry clothes to change into after the ride, and keep them dry.  But if you'd rather not get wet, a large, thin plastic bag (such as you get from your dry cleaner) is an effective protection if you want to seem naked in the rain.

Need a bike?

If you want to ride with us but don't have a bike,

we might be able to help!

Please EMAIL US !

girl on bike.jpg

Join the Crew !


Planning is now underway for the North Island WORLD NAKED BIKE RIDE   (WNBR)

We're now looking for folks with various skills to help make this happen!

Even if you don't ride a bike, there are some cool ways that you can get involved in this fun event.  We will need . . .

*  Marshals and other Ground Crew

*  Security
*  Publicity Assistants
*  Pilot vehicle Drivers
*  First Aid personnel
*  Body Painters
*  Photographers
*  Judges

If you'd like to be involved with planning, organising, and assisting on the day, please fill out the Volunteer Form

and let us know how you can assist.

If you need more information, then please CONTACT US.

We'd love to hear from you.

Volunteer Form

Give us a hand & start making a difference!

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Our Supporters

We acknowledge with thanks the valuable support and assistance provided by the following organisations:

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More details are on the World Naked Bike Ride - New Zealand website:  www.wnbr.nz